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Dos and don’ts for outdoor banner design

As we head to into summer, more and more businesses are seizing the opportunity to advertise with outdoor banners. Large vinyl banners can be very effective marketing tools – they’re great for events and festivals, and play an important part in both advertising and decorating the venue. Outdoor banners have to be instantly eye-catching, so they follow slightly different design rules from other forms of advertising. Here are our dos and don’ts: Do think about where the banner will be displayed and choose the colours accordingly. If it’s going to be hung against a hedge, for example, a green banner
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Three reasons why your branding should be consistent

Is your branding consistent? Three reasons why it should be… With brands appearing in so many different locations, and corporate identity being required for everything from signage to sponsorship, keeping your brand consistent is really important. Both your current and future customers need to be able to instantly identify your brand, whether they’re looking at your business card, website or company umbrella! Consistent branding matters. Here’s why… 1. Rule of Seven Marketing experts talk about “the rule of seven”, which states that someone has to see your brand seven times before they buy your product. For this to be effective,
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