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Coronavirus Help

IF YOU ARE A BUSINESS OWNER - THIS IS FOR YOU In the weeks ahead there are several vital steps you can take to protect your business and do whatever we can to minimise loss of sales and most importantly, prepare your business to emerge from this chaos as strong as humanly possible. Many successful businesses are seeing this time as an opportunity. Some of your competitors will stop all activity, but you shouldn't. Important lessons were learnt from those who didn’t just survive the last recession but thrived through it. These are not our ideas. They’re just what the people who survived
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Are you still open?

Are you still open? That’s a question a lot of my customers are asking me. It occurred to me, that whilst I know we’re open and still working, do my customers know? Keeping in touch and keeping lines of communication open is so important, especially at the moment. There are, sadly, going to be many businesses that won’t make it through to the other side, when we go to the new “normal”. So, I’m letting my customers know that I’m open and happy to help, however I can. Do your customers know you’re open? Are you keeping your lines of
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Brand or website?

Brand or website – what’s more important? In 2018, every business needs a website. Customers can find all your products, services, contact details and back story in one place. It’s also an easy way to share news and content, with links quickly shared on social media and email. But more important than your website is your brand. Without your brand behind it, your website won’t be up to much. Without a brand, you’ll have no logo, no theme, no eye-catching colours and no direction. Getting the brand right should be the first step in setting up your business – only
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