Should you outsource your graphic design?

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Why you should outsource your graphic design

Why outsource your graphic design?

With photo and artwork software now standard in most computers, and all kinds of apps to create memes and infographics, some business owners have decided to “cut costs” and do their own graphic design. But is that a good idea? And is it really cheaper in the long run?
Here are a few reasons why savvy business owners outsource their graphic design:

1.    To concentrate on core business
Whether you’re a baker, a lawyer or a computer programmer, one of the reasons you’re so good at what you do is that you do it every day. You’re focused on the task in hand and don’t let yourself get distracted by day-to-day tasks you can easily outsource. These include graphic design! Get someone else to design your logo and price list and you’ll be able to carry on doing what you do best, providing your customers the high quality of work you’re known for.

2.    A fresh look
If you own your business, you’re probably an expert on everything that it does. The downside to that is that you can get bogged down. It can be difficult to extract the message you need to share with your customers because your knowledge is so in-depth. However, outsourcing your graphic design means that your designer can help you prioritise, creating a clear picture to attract likely clients and customers.

3.    Professionalism
A good graphic designer will both create a professional-looking design and behave professionally, both of which matter to your business. Of course, you need an outstanding logo, but you also need it done on time. Try to design your own logo in time for an expo when you’re also working on your core business and wanting to keep the weekends free for your family, and it probably won’t get done. But if you outsource that job to a graphic designer who understands about deadlines, you can get on with the other expo preparations while you wait for your new logo to ping into your inbox.

4.    It’s cheaper
With the first three points in mind, most business owners understand that outsourcing their graphic design is cheaper than trying to do it themselves. The cost of paying a graphic design is probably less than the cost of losing a few hours work while you faff around with Photoshop. It’s probably less than the cost of having to redo a logo or some layout because it didn’t make sense to anyone outside the business. And it’s certainly better value to pay a graphic designer to create something that gets results, than to never get round to it and lose customers to the competition.

Outsourcing your graphic design makes better business sense than trying to do it all yourself. For more about how great design can help your business, call Julia today on 07802 716 999.